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Turn Your Data Chaos Into Confidence

Turn Your Data Chaos Into Confidence

Streamlined data management to eliminate data frustration once and for all.

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Save time and money

Reduce risk without deletion fears

Locate data easily

You know your data needs attention but:

No time for huge project?

Who has the time to take on such a huge project? 

What if deleted something important?

What if you delete something important? 

More storage

It's easier to ignore the problem and pay for more storage (isn't it?) 

Tackling Overgrown Data
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Tackle Overgrown Data

Managing data feels like navigating through a never-ending maze. Companies lose time, money, and sleep over the chaos caused by unorganized and untraceable information.


This disarray can leave businesses overwhelmed, hesitant to delete data, and unsure of how to take control of their digital ecosystems.

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Unleash the Power of Organized Data

Our data sorting system assesses your unique needs, developing and implementing an efficient, user-friendly data structure.


By consolidating, organizing, and ensuring easy access to your information, we free you from the grip of data chaos while adding layers of safety and peace of mind.

Unleash the Power of Organized Data

See how Sorticulture Works

What Sorticulture Clients Say

Valerie Green

Pivot Organizing

Angela operated as a professional organizer for our professional organization NAPO, where she helped set our local chapter up on Google Suite for record keeping and communication. There was quite a lot of work involved in understanding the needs of all the Board member roles, consulting with us on the approach that would work best for us, and then setting it all up for us. The process wasn't easy as it was a new system for us, requiring behavior change and best practice implementation, and Angela supported us so well with her patience, setting up 1-1 time with each person, and sharing her expertise in best practices. I'm so grateful we had Angela's guidance through this process as it's been a goal for awhile, and I doubt we would've made it through as effectively and efficiently without her! 

Access and Manage Your Data With Confidence

Confidently Access and Manage Your Data

Imagine having a dependable and effortless data management system that puts every piece of information right at your fingertips.


No more searching frantically for that crucial file or fearing that you've deleted something essential. 

With a meticulously organized data landscape you will:

feel in control

be more resourceful​

have what you need to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.​

At Sorticulture, we understand the frustrations that come with trying to manage disorganized information. We're data experts and we're dedicated and eager to help untangle your data.

Make way for a more productive and efficient data environment, backed by our friendly support and expertise.

Three steps to Sorticulture streamlined data 

Three steps to Sorticulture streamlined data 

Data management doesn't have to be such a struggle

Book a free call with our team

Book a free call with our team

Schedule a call with our data organization specialists.

Get a Data Diagnostic

Get a Data Diagnostic

We'll thoroughly assess your current data situation and recommend tailor-made solutions.

Enjoy Optimized Data

Enjoy Optimized Data

Experience newfound control with your streamlined, organized data ecosystem.

With Sorticulture, you've got options. 



Data diagnostic manual with instructions for how your employees can implement our system.

// Book a Call for a Quote

Hands-on Help

Hands-on Help

Our team will work side by side with your employees on implementing our system.

// Book a Call for a Quote

Fractional Data Manager

Fractional Data Director

Do you need ongoing help? Our Owner and Founder has 20 years experience helping large corporations organize and find their data.

// Book a Call for a Monthly Retainer Quote

Experience the freedom of organized data

Experience the freedom of organized data

Unlock the advantages of efficient data management with these transformative benefits:

✔ Slash time spent on searching for files

Eliminate the fear of losing important documents

Unify your team with streamlined access

Bolster company-wide productivity

Make data-informed decisions with confidence

Embrace the power of organized data and watch your business thrive. Book your call now!

In case you're wondering

  • How do I start?
    Schedule a call. We'll answer all your questions, gather information on your current data, and provide a quote for the cost of our services.
  • How does your pricing work?
    Our pricing depends on the type of work your organization needs. For instance, a DIY manual versus a long-term retainer will have a very different price. We offer a free discovery call in order to learn more about your business. From this call, we will develop a quote for the services we believe will solve your unique data needs.
  • Does Sorticulture train my employees in data management?
    Great question! While Sorticulture cannot train your employees on all aspects of data management, we can certainly train your employees how to apply data management principles and best practices to your data ecosystem.
3 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Data Today 

3 Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Data Today 

Stop feeling frustrated by overgrown, disorganized data, and grab our free checklist!


You'll learn 3 strategies to maximize your data storage and retrieval system.

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